Altantic Pacific Ocean Drive

The Longest Adventure In The World

The Atlantic Pacific Ocean Drive (APOD) is the superlative in the world of adventure rallies — in all its wild and feral glory, it spans over 15,000 kilometers (over 9,300 miles) from Hamburg to Vladivostok.
On your journey, climb 6 of the world’s tallest mountain ranges and cross 4 of the driest deserts on the planet, spread out over 8 time zones and more than 20 countries. Get ready to suit up in July 2015 for the greatest adventure in the world and of your life—from the Atlantic to the Pacific.

Take on this challenge, arguably the longest and most adventurous journey you can take overland from West to East, with the help of a classic ’80s set of wheels, or a sensible little compact, or a zippy motorcycle or even a kitschy commercial vehicle. Trust your good sense (and your other senses!) to guide you through Western and Central Asia: All you need is a trusty map and compass—GPS and navigation systems are a no-go! It’ll just be you, your teammate(s), vast expanses and endless adventures. The Atlantic Pacific Ocean Drive will blow your mind.

It’s time for the greatest adventure on the planet.

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