Altantic Pacific Ocean Drive

The Longest Adventure In The World

The Atlantic Pacific Ocean Drive (APOD) is the superlative in the world of adventure rallies — in all its wild and feral glory, it spans over 15,000 kilometers (over 9,300 miles) from Hamburg to Vladivostok.
On your journey, climb 6 of the world’s tallest mountain ranges and cross 4 of the driest deserts on the planet, spread out over 8 time zones and more than 20 countries. Get ready to suit up in July 2021 for the greatest adventure in the world and of your life—from the Atlantic to the Pacific.

Take on this challenge, arguably the longest and most adventurous journey you can take overland from West to East, with the help of a classic ’80s set of wheels, or a sensible little compact, or a zippy motorcycle or even a kitschy commercial vehicle. Trust your good sense (and your other senses!) to guide you through Western and Central Asia: All you need is a trusty map and compass—GPS and navigation systems are a no-go! It’ll just be you, your teammate(s), vast expanses and endless adventures. The Atlantic Pacific Ocean Drive will blow your mind.

It’s time for the greatest adventure on the planet.

Rally Date: 17 July to September 2021
Sign up is open now.



Start in Hamburg & Finish in Vladivostok
Over 15,000 km in 40 to 50 days:

  • Southeast Europe with Carpathians & Balkans
  • Turkey, Georgia & Azerbaijan
  • Caspian Sea, Iran & Turkmenistan
  • Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan & Tajikistan
  • Mongolia & Siberia/ Russia
  • Gobi Desert, Mujunkum & Kysylkum
  • Pamir, Altai & Tian Shan Mountains


Old-school cars: Classics or modern classics, at least 15 years old (incl. 2006 makes)

Old-school bikes: At least 15 years old (incl. 2006 makes); a motorcycle team may consist of no more than two motorcycles

Commercial vehicles
Old-school vans & trucks: At least 15 years old (incl. 2006 makes); campers/RVs and trailers are not allowed



  • No GPS
  • No navigation systems
  • No highways/motorways
  • More adventure!

The Roadbook awaits you and your team, filled with great suggestions for your trip in addition to cool challenges and opportunities for extra fun. 
The activities and tips in the Roadbook are just a bonus, not mandatory!


How many members can a team have?
There’s no upper limit. But you do all have to fit in the vehicle!

Each team collects €750 for sustainable charity projects.

Entry fee:
A two-person team starts out at €1.000.
Each additional member costs €250.


On 17 July 2021 the rally starts in Hamburg. The event begins at 10am and the official start takes place between 11am and 1pm. 
On 16 July all adventurers can already get to know each other at the pre-adventure-get-together and get in the mood for the upcoming adventures. The event will start around 6pm.
Of course, all friends and fans are welcome.


At the Starting Line of the Atlantic Pacific Ocean Drive in Hamburg, your team will be given the Roadbook, which is packed with useful tips for your route, unbelievable challenges, and plenty of suggestions to maximize your fun and get the most out of your adventure.

The activities and adventures in the Roadbook are best undertaken as a team. Creativity and a talent for improvisation are your best assets here!
The activities and tips in the Roadbook are just a bonus, not mandatory!


In Southeast Europe we celebrate with you a big Good-Bye Europe Rallye-Party in an extraordinary location.

At the official rally party, we pitch our tents together and celebrate the adventure into the deep night.

Where exactly remains our secret until the start...You'll find out in the roadbook.


As each team can set its own pace during the rally, the finish line in Vladivostok will be open for you for a few days.

At the finish line you will receive your rally certificate as well as support with the handling of the vehicle return transport.


So that all teams can celebrate the successful end of the Atlantic Pacific Ocean Drive together, we celebrate a big closing party with award ceremony back in Hamburg.

The winning team of the Atlantic Pacific Ocean Drive Rally Roadbook Competition will earn a starting position at a future S.A.C. rally of their choice at a value of up to €1.050!


With SAC TRACK—the live tracking app for all rally teams—your friends and relatives can follow your team live throughout the trip.

You can also attach your best photos to the SAC TRACK and, at the end of the rally, download the route you took.


The road conditions during the rally can vary greatly:

  • From dry asphalt tracks in Siberia
  • Over gravel roads in the Pamir high mountains
  • Through pothole slalom course in the Tan states
  • To no roads at all in Mongolia...

Everything is possible & something is in for every taste!


From wild camping in the steppe to post-Soviet motels to pompous hotel palazzos, everything is allowed! Depending on your adventurous spirit and budget, you are free to decide what you like best on each stage.

The spontaneous search for a suitable overnight accommodation on the respective stage is usually no problem during the rally period.


The Rally Kit has everything that belongs at an official rally:

  • rally vehicle branding with the official rally logos and your official rally starting numbers
  • rally T-shirts
  • awesome additional merchandise

Your team will receive the Rally Kit four weeks before the Rally Start.


Creativity pays off!
Teams with extravagant costumes and eye-catching vehicle decorations will be awarded extra points by the rally jury.
Whether you dazzle your fellow drivers with slick racing stripes and fluttering flags or go full techie with flashing disco lights on your radiator, we’re looking forward to seeing how you bring it.

Anything goes, as long as it’s street-legal.


The registration fee for the Atlantic Pacific Ocean Drive is €1.000 for a two-person team. The fee for each additional team member is €250.

Additional team members can be added up to 1 month before the Rally Start.

The registration fee does not include the charitable donation of €750.


Round up €750 for great charity projects.
You can either collect for one of our selected charity partners or choose a charity project that has always been close to your heart. Charity donations can be collected any time from the date you sign up to the moment you cross the Finish Line. More


After the finish there are two alternatives for your rally car:

  1. You can have your vehicle shipped back to Europe.
  2. The hardcore rally teams simply drive back.

We will support you with the handling of the shipment to Europe.
The costs of the shipment are borne by each team.

Please calculate 5 plus 9.

The personal data stored with us, such as name, company and telephone number as well as all other information are used exclusively for the communication / inquiry processing and under no circumstances pass on to third parties.